GREY GETHI - Sydney Vaporizers
GREY GETHI - Sydney Vaporizers
GREY GETHI - Sydney Vaporizers
GREY GETHI - Sydney Vaporizers


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Gethi is a new vaporizer brand, designed and manufactured by Airistech in Shenzhen. Airistech is well known for bringing excellent value entry-level vaporizers to the market. In addition to the Gethi line, they also produce vaporizers under the Airis brand.

The G6 is the first vaporizer we’ve tried in this new line of Gethi products and I am excited to share with you our findings. Firstly, let’s go through the design.

The Gethi G6 is a small box style portable herbal vaporizer. Like most other products by Airistech, the G6 is packed in a nicely designed small box.

The GetHi has a glass mouthpiece that slides in and out of the vaporizer’s body with a push on the side rail. In addition, the glass mouthpiece is replaceable. So if you break it somehow, you can simply replace it using the extra mouthpiece that comes in the box.

The G6 has a ceramic heating chamber at the bottom of the vape. It is a 5 pin ceramic baking oven that you see in many other Airistech vaporizers.

You can access the heating chamber by sliding back the button on the spring-loaded quick-release door. As you can see in the below picture, the chamber door has 6 little holes on it. Those are there for air intake and form part of the isolated air path.

Airistech built the G6 with a 1800 mAh built-in battery and it charges with a supplied micro USB charger. The charging port is located on the side of the vaporizer below the power button. The battery is powerful enough to heat up the chamber in approximately 40 seconds.

In addition, it also delivers reasonable battery life. In other words, you can get about ten sessions out of a single charge. So that’s about 30 minutes vaping time, as one session lasts for 3 minutes.

The G6 has a single button and it is very easy to use.

Firstly, we recommend putting your brand new vaporizer on the charger for a couple of hours before you use it for the first time. As a result, you will be able to bring a longer life out of your battery.

After that, you are ready to pack your chamber with ground herbs. Simply slide the release button on the quick-release door to access your baking chamber. Subsequently, pack your ground herbs into the ceramic baking oven.

Once your chamber is packed, you are ready to turn on your device. To achieve this, simply press the power button on the top 5 times in a row. After that, you’ll see the LED around the button flashing. You only have to wait about 40 seconds for it to heat up.Once your G6 heated up, it will gently vibrate to let you know it is ready to go.

You can choose between 3 temperature settings on the G6. The color of the LED around the button indicates which setting you are on.

To clarify, green color indicates 405°F or about 207°C. Next, blue is 420°F that equals about 215°C. Lastly, the white color is 435°F, which is approximately  224°C.

Press the power button to toggle between these preset temperatures.

What’s in the Box?

In the box you’ll find the below list of items:

– Gethi G6 Vaporizer

– Replacement Glass Mouthpiece

– Packing Tool

– Micro USB Charging Cable

– User Manual

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