The 3 things that make the Mighty Plus the best friend to so many of us…

There are many different dry herb vaporizers available today, from portable to desktop, battery-free to battery operated, and everything in between! I have spent alot of time using, reviewing, and overall enjoying how Dry Herb Vaporizers work. I use a Mighty Plus portable vaporizer every day now, and it goes with me everywhere. After owning this German engineered Vaporizer, I have decided that although there are many features that make this thing the king of portables, there are 3 stand out points that make this dry herb vape the best portable vape, and has quickly become my new best friend.

Sydney Vaporizers - Mighty Plus

Firstly, and most importantly, is the quality of the vapor that this device produces. No other device has been able to give me the same tasting vapor from the exact same flower quite like the Mighty Plus vape. When you first open your tub or jar of flower and your nostrils are treated to the beautiful fragrance which is produced from the terps, that is the exact flavour that your tastebuds also experience, when inhaled through the Mighty Plus dry herb vape. Ive used many other portables such as the Arizer Solo 2, the Fenix 2.0, the Angus, the Tinymight 2, and all the Pax models, and I can confidently say that not one other brand has been able to give me the same flavor experience like the Mighty Plus. This is the most important thing I look for in a dry herb vape, as the flowers we like tend to be expensive, and I for one, want to be getting the absolute most out of my flower that is possible, and the Mighty plus definitely delivers every time!

Secondly, the Mighty Plus is super easy! I use a device called the Filling aid, which is a small round plastic device comprised of 3 pieces to conveniently load my Mighty Plus when Im out and about. Sydney Vaporizers - Filling Aid

Now you may not think that a little accessory can make a big difference, but you would be wrong. Since using my Filling aid with my Mighty Plus, I am now able to safely load my Mighty Plus blindfolded, and with one hand! The middle section of the filling aid is where you store your ground up herb, and there is a lid, and a base, and once sealed, it becomes your little travel case for your herb. To load your Mighty Plus, simply unscrew the bottom of the filling aid, and screw the whole filling aid into theMighty, it screws in where the Cooling unit would attach, and then use the little packing tool to load a precise 0.25g of flower into the chamber. Then unscrew the filling aid to reveal a perfectly packed chamber, with Zero spillage. Finally put the cooling unit back on and start vaping!

Thirdly, there is nothing quite like the peace of mind feeling you get when purchasing a Mighty Plus from Storz and Bickel. All dry herb vaporizers built by Storz and Bickel in Germany, come with a standard 2 year, plus one more year upon registration warranty. After using many different portable vapes over the years, I have found that cheaper models that are built in China, seem to fall apart very quickly once I start using them more than a few times per day. Either the batteries would die, or sometimes the plastics used to build the casing would crack under the heat produced, and pretty much just die. The Mighty Plus is built like a brick shithouse! It is made from extremely durable and medically graded materials, and after using many times per day for months on end, I have not seen even the slightest degradation of the materials used to make up this vaporizer. And even if something was to go wrong with this unit, I know that Storz and Bickel are world famous for their warranty department, knowing that they will either replace or repair any unit that comes back to them. Now to me, and others that like to use a portable dry herb vaporizer more than a few times a day, knowing that your new best mate (your new Mighty Plus) is completely covered under warranty for the next 3 years!

So as a keen and passionate dry herb vaper, I'm confident after using pretty much all the dry herb vaporizers available today, to say that the Mighty Plus from Storz and Bickel is easily the best all round portable dry herb vaporizer, given its great flavor production, ease of use and peace of mind with a 3 year warranty,  will quickly become your new best friend!