Sydney Vaporizers lists the top 10 Portable dry herb vaporizers..

Sydney Vaporizers strives to provide Australia and New Zealand with the highest quality portable and desktop dry herb vaporizers. We have put together a list of our top 10 portable dry herb vaporizers, which takes into account many factors such as, price, build quality, battery life, warranties, and most importantly Vapor quality.

1: The Mighty Plus from Storz and Bickel:

Sydney Vaporizers - Mighty Plus

The Mighty Plus has cemented its position as number one portable dry herb vaporizer at Sydney Vaporizers. The big downside (and only one really) is the price. It is very very expensive, however, each model is produced in house in Germany, built from extremely durable and medically approved materials. The flavours that the Mighty Plus extracts from the herbs you put in, is unmatched compared to every other portable weed vape on the market. The manufacturers, Storz and Bickel also provide a 3 year warranty upon registration of your device, and they do stand behind their warranties.

2: The Tinymight2 from JTJS Products:

Sydney Vaporizers - Tinymight 2

The Tinymight2 has come in our list at a very close second place, and believe us, it very nearly took out number 1 position! This little beast, is designed and manufactured in house by a small team over in Finland. The Tinymight2 is a relatively new product, but this little device will hit you harder than any other portable dry herb vaporizer around today, and the hits are comparable to desktop units like S.V’s Flowerpots and Volcanos. This device is very very expensive, however, it is a unique portable in that the hit it produces, cannot be matched to any other portable device. It only uses Convection heat, meaning the hot air is only applied when the user takes draws through the stem.It is a very fast extracting device meaning you can finish an entire chamber in just 2 lungfuls at the correct temp! Many people love to attach a water pipe attachment (WPA) and hook it up to a glass water bubbler to experience BEAST mode (level 10)

3: The Original Mighty from Storz and Bickel:

Sydney Vaporizers - Original Mighty

The OG Mighty has taken out 3rd position and the vapor production between this model and the Mighty Plus in our opinion is identical. However, the main reason it came under the Mighty Plus, is that the heat up time is a little slow, it takes approx 3mins to get to temp from cold, whereas the Plus will get to temp in under a minute. But that being said, the OG mighty Vape, is much better priced, and also includes a charger and the filling aid, which is a genius device to load the Mighty without any spillage! The battery life in the OG mighty is also a little bit better than the Plus model, however, this model will take approx 3 hours to fully charge from a dead flat battery. Also comes with a 3 year warranty upon registration.

4: The Solo 2 from Arizer:

Sydney Vaporizers - Arizer Solo 2

The Arizer Solo2 is probably one of the best ‘bang for buck’ portable dry herb vaporizers available today. Very competitively priced, this unit has one of the best battery lives around. Close to 2 hours of running time on the hottest setting! Also one of the easiest vapes to clean and maintain, as you pack your herb into a glass stem which is inserted into the heating chamber. Cleaning the glass stems is as simple as soaking for  2 hours in 100% Isopropyl alcohol, then rinsing under hot water. Very easy to take long draws with minimal resistance, and relatively large clouds. Flavour extraction is around 8/10

5: The Angus from YLL Vape:

SydneyVaporizers - The Angus YLL Vape

The Angus is a very newish portable dry herb vaporizer with Sydney Vaporizers only getting stock late last year. Very competitively priced, the manufacturers seem to be trying to match the Angus to the Mighty, with size and vapor quality. The Angus has 5 temperature settings, easily moving between the settings pressing the on/off button. The Angus uses a new technology when it comes to heating. It uses a halogen globe, which heats small quartz balls which in turn heat your herbs. This technology produces a unique type of flavour extraction, which is quickly becoming a big favourite here at Sydney vaporizers. Approx 45 mins of battery life with the batteries supplied by Sydney Vaporizers.

6: The Crafty Plus from Storz and Bickel:

Sydney Vaporizers - Crafty Plus

The Crafty Plus comes in at 6th position. The vapor that the Crafty produces is similar to, but not quite as good as the vapor produced from the Mighty’s. The lack of LCD screen on the front to show you battery life and temperature is why this device is not ranked higher. That being said, if you have never used a Mighty before, you definitely will not be disappointed. The flavour extraction is excellent utilizing Storz and Bickels engineering to provide the user with beautiful vapor time after time after time. Battery life is only approx 30mins running at max temp

7: The ‘M’ Edition from Dynavap:

Sydney Vaporizers -  Dynavap M edition 2021

The 2021 ‘M’ edition of the Dynavap is a very unique type of dry herb vaporizer as these are all completely battery and electronic free. The user needs to apply heat via an external source such as a cigarette lighter, or blow torch, or an induction heater. A little bit of a learning curve is required to get the perfect hit, but once you have this dialed in, the Dynavap is capable of giving you 4 to 5 massive hits from one tiny little cap, which holds approx 0.2g. We found that the best way to heat the Dynavap is with an induction heater like the Ispire Wand. It is not necessary, but we have found that the Ispire wand produces huge clouds from the M edition, every single time, without any effort.

8: The 2.0 from Fenix:

Sydney Vaporizers - Fenix 2.0

The Fenix 2.0 is Sydney Vaporizers top pick when it comes to portable dry herb vaporizers $200 and under. The battery life is huge, and the vapor it produces is thick and flavoursome, comparable to some of the much more expensive brands. The chamber is quite large, capable of holding 0.35g of your fave herb.The warm-up time of the Fenix 2.0 vaporizer is less than 30 seconds, which is like an average for a good vaporizer in the market these days. However, you will not see a vaporizer with a 4400mAh battery out there. Surprisingly it took less than three hours to fully charge, faster than most vaporizers with a capacity around 2200mAh or 2300mAh.

9: The Pro from Fenix:

Sydney Vaporizers - Fenix Pro

The Fenix Pro is one of the best selling portable dry herb vaporizers because it is extremely easy to use, it provides excellent flavour extraction in thick clouds, and is relatively easy to clean. Priced at only $185, this vaporizer is very popular with most users who want a cheap yet effective vape. The downside of this vaporizer is the battery life. But if you are after a good quality affordable portable dry herb vaporizer, then the Fenix Pro definitely ticks these boxes and you will not be disappointed when inhaling from a Fenix Pro

10: The PAX3 from Pax Labs:

Sydney Vaporizers - PAX3

The Pax3 has come in at 10th position. We have many mixed reviews at Sydney Vaporizers on the Pax range, and we have come to the conclusion that users will typically fall into 2 broad main categories. Category 1 is the type of user that loves smoking, loves the burn, the hit, the taste of combustion, and loves everything to do with smoking. Then category 2 hates smoking, hates the smell of smoke, hates the burn, hates the taste of smoke, yet loves the feeling of being medicated. If you fall into category 2, then the Pax will work wonderfully for you. We have found that it produces zero burn, zero hit, zero smell and almost zero cloud production, but it has incredible flavour extraction, so if you are in category 2, then you will probably love the PAX3, however if you fall into category 1, then beware, as you will definitely not like the PAX3.