Your guide to vape etiquette

As the world of smoking changes rapidly around us, it’s important to know you’re acting correctly. We look at some of the modern day etiquette around vaping dry herb solo, and with others. 


At the core, the rules around smoking remain the same - choppers tax means those who put in the elbow grease are rewarded appropriately, and the sacred ‘If you didn’t pay don’t complain’ rule relating to the quality of the material you're working with. 

However given the brand new tech in vaping, and the new age of standards around maintenance and hygiene, there certainly are some new standards to get your head around. There’s no wrong vape to use, with each catering to a variety of session styles, but here’s some ways to maintain the style of your session. 

Consider others

Really this is the golden rule of life and, being a part of life, it applies to vaping. Whether on a solo journey or a group mission, reading the room and vaping go hand in hand. No matter how slick you might be at stealth vaping, always ask those around you how they feel about it. Given modern day vapes such as the Storz & Bickel incorporate more technology than early NASA aircraft, be prepared to guide any first timers through the process. Have some temperature recommendations. 

This also goes the other way - if someone really doesn’t want to vape, and prefers their usual methods, don’t pressure them - we’re all trying to get to the same chill place, don’t judge how someone else gets there. 

No Camping 

There’s no doubt your stories are all amazing, but those around you don’t want to lose their buzz while you tell them. No Camping has been a crucial part of vaping etiquette since smoking began and despite the advancement in technology, the rule applies all the same. Rotation is key, and must be respected. But don’t let this amount to pressure - when in doubt, always fall back on the toke-toke-pass philosophy. Whether you pass to the left, and honour the iconic bylaw of smoking, or pass to the left and adhere to more contemporary vaping principles but their way, keep things moving. 

It’s not a cloud-measuring contest

Vape cloud contests might dominate your tiktok feed but as is often the case with social media, it isn’t real life. While offline, no one trying to get through their way wants to have to navigate your exorbitant vape cloud. In fact, the proper etiquette for smoking in public around hustling and bustling citizens is to lower the wattage and lower the cloud. In a more intimate setting, your session friends don’t want you wasting the battery, dry herb or concentrate and are no doubt becoming more and more frustrated given that you’ve no doubt been camping for a minute to prep that cloud. Get it in, then get it out and try not to make a spectacle out of your session. 

Keep it clean

Keeping the vape clean is important etiquette and also the proper way to take care of your device. Bong smokers might be used to cleaning once or twice a week, while joint smokers know no maintenance at all, vapes need much more attention. Units will come with all the bits and bobs required to keep the dry herb from growing old, and making sure you get the most out of each new session. 

Following the pandemic, we’ve come to realise plenty of habits can spread germs that we probably should have realised long ago but it’s worth adding, prepare to put more effort into keeping your sessions in the “new normal” very clean. Work with those you might be sessioning with to find a way to use the vape that makes everyone comfortable, and operate from that level. 

Maintain your set up

But for a more thorough vape ettituque, don’t stop at cleaning - it’s important to maintain your entire setup. A battery drying on you is a kin to not having any papers or a lighter, and as such is a complete session ruiner. First and foremost - make sure your vape is charged ahead of time. From there, look after the battery by avoiding leaving it on charge for long periods of time, and avoid third-party part replacements. 

Stay hydrated 

Much of this guide has been about others, or your vape itself, and not so much about you but of course, you’re an important part of every session. To make sure you don’t burn yourself out early on a planned big night on the vapes, stay hydrated. It’s a simple tip that you can keep in your pocket for other times in life too, but keeping some H20 nearby will do wonders on your session. 

Whether it’s the show-stopping Volcano, the minimalist Mighty or the subtle Pax, you’ll find a vape for all occasions at Sydney Vaporizers.