TinyMight2: Tips, tricks and comparisons...

TinyMight2: Tips, tricks and comparisons..

So the TinyMight2 is probably one of the most ‘in demand’ portable dry herb vaporizers on the market today, Sydney Vaporizers now has stock, and has had some time to give it a go, so here is a bit of info on the TinyMight2

Firstly the TinyMight2 is an awesome looking vaporizer. It is small and fits snugly in the palm, with a beautiful timber body. It is a little different to most portable dry herb vaporizers. It works purely on CONVECTION heat, meaning that the THC is extracted using only hot air, so the heat is only applied as you draw on the device, pulling the hot air through the chamber and over your herb. This is different to one of our other favorite vapes, the MIGHTY PLUS, which uses a mix of both convection and conduction heat. Meaning that the Mighty Plus chamber walls heat up (conduction), aswell as passing hot air through the chamber and herbs, extracting the THC and allowing you to inhale it as a vapour.

Because the Tinymight only uses convection, your herb is only being extracted when you take draws. This can take a little bit of time to get used to, if you have mostly been using a Mighty Plus previously.

That being said, there are 2 modes in which you can use the TinyMight2. Session mode, and ‘On Demand’ mode. 

To select Session mode, simply press the on off button 3 times quickly, but on the 3rd press, do not let go until the device stops vibrating. Once it has stopped vibrating you are ready to inhale. In session mode, the heating element stays hot so you can continuously take sips on the mouthpiece, just as you would with your Mighty Plus. If you are using Session mode, we would recommend you start on a very low temp, such as 4 or 5. You will be able to get huge clouds at this temp, and the hit is very prominent. If you set the temp lower on session mode, the flavours are much more potent, and the overall extraction takes a little longer, meaning you will have a longer session. If you increase the temp, you will get a much bigger hits with less flavour, and you will finish extracting your whole chamber very quickly.

To turn off, simply press and release the on off button 3 times in a row.

To put into ‘On Demand’ mode. Simply press and release the on off button 3 times in a row quickly. Then to use, press and hold in the on off button. After approx 3 seconds of holding the button, the device will vibrate, then it is ready to inhale. When it is in session mode, the heating element is only activated when you hold in the on off button, and as you inhale, you will draw air through the heating element which then passes through the chamber extracting the THC vapour. Keep the on off button depressed as you inhale and then let go and keep inhaling for another one or 2 seconds before you stop inhaling. 

The temp dial is from 0 - 10, and you can only use level 10 (beast mode) in ‘On Demand’ mode.

If you set the dial to 5 in On Demand mode, you can expect to get 3 to 5 massive inhales until the whole chamber is fully extracted. The hits you get from those 3 to 5 inhales in our opinion is unmatched when it comes to portable vaporizers.

If you set it to beast mode, level 10, you will be able to fully extract the entire bowl in one big inhalation. However, at this temp, the vapour is  extremely hot and can be irritating on the throat, so we only recommend using Beast mode when you have your Tinymight2 hooked up to a WPA (water pipe attachment) and connected to your favourite glass water bubbler. If you hook it up to a water bubbler, then taking a hit on Beast mode(Level 10) is smooth, flavoursome, intense and similar to taking a bong rip, but without combustion. The hit is extremely intense.

The TinyMight2 comes with a little hessian sack with a drawstring which is intended to be the vape case for the TinyMight2. It is trendy, but not very protective. We would highly recommend the Head Case from Ryot as a great smellproof vape case for this unit.

The Mighty plus vaporizer or Mighty vape is undoubtedly one of the very best on the market and has been a daily driver for many Dry Herb vapers, however, the Tinymight2 brings a whole new world of arsonry to the table.

They are 2 very different devices, the Mighty Plus is our favourite vape to sit back and enjoy having long flavoursome sessions of 5 plus mins per session, slowly enjoying the high creeping over you.

The TinyMigh2 is now our favourite device to deliver almost instant huge hits from your chamber, so if you are in need of a very quick session, then the Tinymight2 kicks everyone else's arse!

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