The Volcano Classic; an industry leading icon....

The Volcano Classic, or Volcano vaporizer, is probably the most well known desktop vaporizer in the world. Designed and manufactured by Storz and Bickel, in Tuttlingen Germany, the Volcano classic vaporizer first exploded onto the market over 20 years ago, and has cemented its name as being the original and best desktop thermal extraction device.Sydney Vaporizers - Volcano Classic Onyx edition

The volcano classic now comes in 4 colours, Silver, Onyx or the special editions of Gold or White.

The Volcano has an extremely powerful heating mechanism powered by the wall socket 240v power socket. Because of the power that the heating element consumes, the efficiency of extraction from the volcano is far superior to any portable vaporizer in which the heating element is powered by batteries.

The volcano vaporizer also has an inbuilt pump which sucks cold air from the outside and then forces the air through the heating element, and then the now hot air is forced through the filling chamber full of your favourite herbs, which activates the oils and releases them in vapour form, which fills the volcano bag which is placed on top of the filling chamber.

The Volcano Classic has an analogue dial on the front, with the temperature range being 1 to 9.

The user can set the dial to whichever temperature needed, however, we recommend if you have a completely full chamber, heat the volcano up to level 7 first, and once it reaches the temperature, the control light will switch off. At this point, place the filling chamber ontop of the volcano, and switch on the air pump switch. Let the air pump through the chamber for approx 5 seconds, or until you see vapour coming out of the chamber, and then attach a balloon to the filling chamber. 

For your second balloon, turn the dial up to level 8, and then fill the 2nd balloon at this temperature.

For the 3rd balloon, turn the dial all the way up to 9, and then fill the 3rd balloon at this temperature.

If you follow these steps, you should get approximately 4 to 5 lungfuls per balloon, and 3 balloons of extremely thick, flavorsome vapour.

The ‘hit’ you get from a lungful of flavoursome vapour from a balloon produced by a Volcano Classic is intense, but very clean and extremely pleasurable. Not like taking a hit from a bong, which is nasty, hot, dirty and full of carcinogens which lead to cancer.

Of course the basic principle applies that the lower the temperature you vape, the more of the flavours you will taste, but you will produce much less vapour, and you will feel less of a ‘hit’, but the higher you go with the temperature, the bigger the clouds of vapur produced, but less of the flavour.Sydney Vaporizers - Volcano Classic Gold Edition

There are many other Volcano spare parts that come in useful when it comes to cleaning and maintaining your filling chamber, and volcano bags. The bags themselves actually last a very very long time. The insides of the bags will become yellow and sticky with THCa residue over time, but they will keep filling with hot vapour time and time again. If you spring a leak, or you don't like the stickiness, then you can replace the entire balloon with valve, or you can replace just the balloon. Replacing just the balloon is a little tricky, however, there are plenty of great instructional videos on YouTube to show you how.

Sydney Vaporizers - Volcano classic filling chamber

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