The Next Step...

Do you own a Mighty, or Mighty Plus dry herb vape from Storz and Bickel? If you do, you are probably like me, and you absolutely love it. But if you are like me, you will probably get to a point where you begin to miss and crave that massive ‘HIT’ feeling you got when you used to smoke a joint or bong.

Now Im definitely not ‘dissing’ the Mighty or Mighty Plus, I actually think they are the beez knees when it comes to portable dry herb vaporizers. The Mighty is able to extract flavours and produce the best tasting flavour of all dry herb vaporizers everywhere, even beating all the desktop vaporizers. I love sitting back with my Mighty and enjoying a session of my best tasting flowers, whilst slowly feeling the effects roll over me. However, after a  couple of years of only using the mighty and mighty plus, I felt sometimes I really missed something that the Mighty does not deliver, and that is a massive HIT of all the THC in one go. At this point I started to look at other options of dry herb vaporizers that can give me that HIT that Im sometimes left craving after using the Mighty. Time to take the Next Step.

Now it is massively important to mention that you definitely by all means DO NOT want to ever smoke or inhale combusted material again. Smoke is carcinogenic and everything about smoke is poisonous and horrible. That being said, there are now so many options when it comes to thermal extraction in vaporizers, and I thought there had to be one that can give me a hit, similar to smoking, so I began to experiment, and I would like to present to you, in my opinion, the 2 very best thermal extraction dry herb vaporizers, that are able to give the user that massive HIT from the vapor. These 2 devices are the Tinymight2 in the portable range, and S.V’s Flowerpot B1 bundle for the big hitting desktop.

Sydney Vaporizers - Tinymight 2

The Tinymight 2 is a relatively new vaporizer being made by a very small team over in Finland, and this is the 2nd generation of Tinymight vaporizers. This little portable device is an absolute beast! It is very small, it fits into your palm very snugly and stands at approximately 9cm tall. It comes with a removable 18650 rechargeable battery, that is capable of accepting a fast charge from a fast charger. (The USB-C supercharger for the Mighty Plus charges this thing up in approx 25mins). The beautiful thing about this little unit is, that it only uses convection heat, meaning the heat is only applied to the herb once you start to drag and pull air through the device. This type of heating differs from your Mighty or Mighty plus, as they use a mix of Convection and conduction heat, meaning the chamber is heated up, aswell as hot air passing through the chamber. Pure convection heat which the Tinymight2 uses,  has proven to be extremely efficient, and Im able to completely extract the entire THC content of the chamber in 1 to 2 lungfuls, and each lungful produces a thick flavoursome cloud that almost knocked me over the first time I took a hit!! Whereas, the Mighty would take approximately 3 to 5 mins of continuous vaping to fully extract all the THC from the chamber. It is worth me mentioning that if you want to use the Tinymight 2 in Beast mode (Level 10 setting), you will need to run the vapour through a water bubbler, either via a WPA (Water Pipe Attachment) hooked up to your glass bubbler, or directly through the XXL Bubbler for the TM2. 

After using almost every portable dry herb vaporizer on the market ranging from the Angus, to all the PAX models, the Fenix range, all the Storz and Bickel models, and all the Arizer models, there is not one other portable vaporizer capable of producing a HIT like the Tinymight2! I now find myself using both the mighty Plus, and my Tinymight2, probably now leaning more towards my Tinymight 2 as it is so quick to heat up, and so quick to deliver an unbeatable hit!

The other option in your next step in the vaporization journey, is a desktop setup, called S.V’s Flowerpot B1 Bundle.

Sydney Vaporizers - S.V's Flowerpot B1 Bundle

This kit has been put together by some experts over at Sydney Vaporizers, and is made up of many high end pieces of equipment. The Stainless steel and Titanium hardware all come from Cannabis Hardware in the USA, glassware from Europe, and the electronics and Hardcore protective case comes from trusted suppliers in China.

These ball vape bundles are customisable, however, this bundle put together by Sydney Vaporizers will have you completely covered, to be able to rip cones, similar to smoking a bong, but with ZERO combustion!

If you have been only vaping with a Mighty plus, then taking the next step and purchasing a Flowerpot is going to deliver you hits that you have not experienced for a long time!

There are many stories of people who have been smoking bongs for 30 plus years, and have quit to now only use Flowerpot setups, as the hit is similar, but the flavours via a Flowerpot are leaps and bounds ahead of smoking!

The way this works is basically exactly the same as smoking a bong; however, instead of using a cigarette lighter to combust your material, the heat is applied with a heated coil, which is connected to a control box, so you can set it to an exact temperature! We know that the combustion temperature is approx 400degrees celsius, so with this controller, you can set the temperature to 385degrees celsius, and rip a cone, but not combust your flower. You can actually set the temperature to whatever you like, however, the hotter you go, the more of a HIT you will get from the vapour, being very careful to not combust your material. The water in the bubbler then cools the vapour down so that you are able to inhale the now cooled vapour without burning your throat.

The vapour that is produced via a Flowerpot setup, is absolutely unmatched, and the first time I had a hit on the Flowerpot, brought me back to a time when I first started ripping cones in my teens! The flavours are extraordinary, and because there is ZERO combustion, the user is not inhaling any nasty carcinogens!


So if you are like me, and you absolutely love your Mighty, or Mighty plus, but you still get that craving for a big hit, then do what I did, and take your next step in the vaporization journey and pick up a Tinymight 2, or an S.V’s Flowerpot B1 Bundle. You will not be disappointed:)