Storz & Bickel strike the ultimate balance with The Plenty

Storz & Bickel strike the ultimate balance with The Plenty 

The goldilocks dry-herb vape. 

Nestled in between The Mighty and The Volcano in Storz & Bickel’s world-class dry-herb vaporizers range, The Plenty’s whole deal is ‘balance’. Not too much, and certainly not lacking, The Plenty masterfully fills the awkward gap between hand-held units and desktops, becoming the perfect solution to no matter what your session demands. 

Not too big, not too small

Visually, The Plenty is striking. With almost a brutalist design, it’s unlike any other vape on the market. It looks and feels more like a specialist power-tool, or a space-aged weapon than anything else. The metal cooling coil is perhaps the most eye-catching feature, followed by the dead-man hand-grip switch, and the big, bold analog temperature gauge. Much of the commentary around The Plenty is stuck on its appearance but the reality is, this is the ultimate design for peak performance.

The other bold feature of The Plenty is the power cable - a necessary requirement for it to fire up. This, of course means the unit must stay put but sometimes that’s just what the session dictates. 

Using The Plenty is nothing short of an experience. Well-weighted and solid, pulling through the unit feels like you’re conducting some sort of experiment. Not as involved as The Volcano, but absolutely more involved than The Mighty, there’s a certain sense of gratification that comes with using The Plenty, even though it’s an incredibly simple and intuitive dry-herb vape. 

While we’re on the topic of the unit itself, we’d be remiss to not mention the biggest, and to be fair, only design error - the lack of a stand. Since it’s release, the noble innovation of it’s users has resulted in a solution to the lack of a stand - sticking the wooden cleaning tool into one of the casing screw holes - but given the size of The Plenty, this feels like somewhat of an oversight - an easily fixed one at that. 

Not too hot, not too cold 

With it’s simple ‘grip it and rip it’ design and mechanic, there’s not a lot of moving parts to The Plenty, which means we get to really focus in on the few features it has. Much of The Plenty is about heating, with a hybrid heating mechanism controlled through the use of a very simple scroll function. 

Users can set the temperature at anywhere between 1 to 7, with 7 maxing out at around 200’c. which has been flagged as a lack of option in other reviews but the reality is, giving such few, and specific, options takes a lot of the guesswork out of your session.  We might use this moment to say that the exposed metal heating coil can get too hot - the design is such that the smoke collides directly with the metal, losing its heat in time to hit the mouthpiece, leaving that heat nowhere to go but the metal coil. 

At its highest temperature, you can expect about 5-6 full-throated pulls, but with its clean heat and simple mechanic, every iota of those pulls goes to you, with little to nothing left behind in the unit. 

The Plenty is also a unit for someone not in a rush. On average max temperature will be achieved after around 3-4 minutes which, in the world of dry-herb vapes, is quite a while. It also takes just as long to lose the heat as it does to create it, making it somewhat of a hazard for several minutes post-session

Not too hard, not too soft 

It might look like it requires a degree in engineering to use, but The Plenty is an incredibly accessible vape, and gives a compelling argument for being the best entry unit into the world of dry-herb vaporizer. It’s cheaper than a Volcano while providing the same bang for your buck in terms of herb extraction. It’s less involved than both The Mighty with fewer maintenance. 

But it’s the ease of use, on account of its brutal design, that has The Plenty turning heads. Whereas other convection dry-herb vapes require a level of skill to pull effectively and cleanly, The Plenty allows users to pull as hard or as soft as they like without taking away from the quality of the session. Pull too hard, and you’ll feel the unit adjust to the pressure, pull too soft and you’ll get the exact same sized vape cloud. Which is another point worth discussing with The Plenty - it’s deceptively large, thick and rich clouds for the temperature. Considering there’s no robotics inside - and on that note, no glass which suggests a strong lifespan of The Plenty - we can only assume sheer magic goes on internally to create so much cloud from such little heat. 

For those looking for the middle ground between portable and desktop, The Plenty isn’t so much a solution as it is a gateway to both worlds. Combining the best elements of both, The Plenty takes any pressure out of making the wrong decision. However, don’t expect to be pushed either way - after a full session with The Plenty, you’ll realise this unit is the ultimate balance between both worlds.  

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