Should I buy a Volcano Vaporizer, or a Plenty Vaporizer from Storz and Bickel?

Should I buy a Plenty or a Volcano from Storz and Bickel?

Letting out steam every once in a while is healthy and recommended. Some people go for a walk, others swim, catch a movie, or take a vacation on an exotic island.
Fortunately, if you live in Sydney, all these options are open, but what if you're in the mood for something more natural and herbal? - Like weed.
In that case, vaporizers are an excellent choice to bring out the flavor and enhance your weed intake experience. At, we are an online retail site that stocks a wide variety of vaporizers that helps you to conveniently acquire one.
Although, this does make choosing a vaporizer to use difficult for some new buyers to vaping.
In this article, we'll be looking at the Plenty Vaporizer and The  Volcano Vaporizer from the range of vaporizers from Storz and Bickel. We'll compare how they stack up to help you pick the one that best suits you.
So if you're looking into buying a vaporizer, keep on reading to learn why Storz and Bickel vaporizers might just be what you're looking for.
Storz and Bickel Volcano Range
First introduced into the market 20 years ago, the Volcano Classic has been going strong. In recent years, it has received a facelift with the introduction of the Volcano Hybrid. Now more technologically up-to-date and app-compatible, the German-made Volcano desktop vaporizer is better than ever.
With the Volcano Vaporizer range, your vaping sessions will be regulated, consistent and you can expect the same exceptional performance every time you use it. Its patrons sing its praise, and we're sure you will too.

⦁    Chamber size
The chamber size is big enough to hold a few grams of herbs and allow proper steaming and infusion. The chamber also allows for vapor to accumulate without the risk of creating too much back pressure or forcing you to vape hastily or waste any.
After use, the ceramic chamber is easy to clean with the brush included in the box. It's good etiquette to empty and clean it after every session, and Storz and Bickel recommend you do a deep cleaning every two weeks. But because it's a well-built and low maintenance device, we reckon deep cleaning it once a month will also suffice (obviously depending on how much you use your Volcano Vaporizer).
The build materials are high quality and feel very sturdy in the hands. You can expect your unit to last you a very long time with minimal to no loss in performance.
⦁    Heat-up Times
The Volcano Hybrid has one of the fastest heat-up times of any vaporizer in the market. After turning it on, it takes under a minute for the vaporizer to be ready to draw. It has 100-watt convection and conduction heating element that ensure you don't have to wait for long for it to spruce up like its predecessors or some of the competition.
The new electronic design also ensures you have precise control over your unit, and you can customize it to work at your pace. Changing temperature metrics from celsius to Fahrenheit has also been made easier for our friends across the pond. Simply press and hold down the temperature and heat reduction buttons for three seconds, and it will switch between either.
When it comes to heating on this unit, honestly, Storz and Bickel have outdone themselves.
⦁    Vapor Quality
The vapor quality and flavor of the Volcano Classic Gold are unmatched by any other device on the market. The visible vapor is smooth on any temperature setting, and the great flavor is unchanged. Depending on your mood, you can enjoy the same high-quality experience in a fast or slow setting.
The device also comes with an intelligent air-pump system that does a good job of delivering you a dry vape on a 360-degree swiveling straw that allows for ease of use between your friends. Storz and Bickel didn't just stop at an amazing vape quality. They also ensured you get to share the experience with your closest friends.
⦁    Temperature Control
As we had indicated earlier, the Volcano Hybrid allows for very precise temperature control from 40 to 230 degrees celsius by the user. Considering its fast heating, the desktop vaporizer Australia is pretty well thought out, and you will love the experience of this thing.
When paired with the app, you even have more functionality control like automated shut-off time, start time, and air filter control. You can dial in your sessions to your liking on this device than on any other on the market. Truly, one of the reasons that make Storz and Bickel the leaders in this segment.


⦁    It is Expensive
At $929, you will be hard-pressed to justify that much for a vaping experience. Even if it's a none essential item, come on, Storz and Bickel, isn't there any way you could make them cheaper for ordinary joes who read our content to afford one?
⦁    Lack of Portability
Being a desktop design, it's hard to use this thing on anything else other than, well, your desktop. To take it anywhere you will need a big backpack or your friends will have to come to you to enjoy the experience of using this thing. Though it's not too bulky to cause storage issues, it's still too big to transport comfortably.
⦁    The Unit Lacks Some Controls
Even though Storz and Bickel are trying to get you on their app to sell you more stuff, it would be nice to have the same level of control you get on the app, on the physical unit. Controls like the automated shut-off time, air filter, and IOS compatibility would be nice to have on the unit.
Storz and Bickel Plenty Range
The Plenty vaporizer is a handheld offering from Storz and Bickel that's plenty of fun to vape with. It has a distinctive design accentuated by the cock screw straw at the top. It's easy to use and, just like the Volcano Hybrid, has an exceptional vaping experience.
⦁    Chamber Size
You will be surprised by just how large the chamber is and the quantity of herb you can fit in there for such a small handheld device which is good for extended and group vaping sessions. The chamber has an analog thermometer which helps you keep an eye on the heat levels and precise control over your sessions.
It is also easy to clean and pretty easy to take apart and put back together. With this vaporizer, you'll enjoy the best vaping experience in any setting.
⦁    Heat-up Times
Unlike its older sibling, the Volcano, the Plenty vaporizer takes a minute or two to get up to temperature. But once this thing spurs up, it comes to itself and delivers an impressive performance. You will have to wait a bit to draw your first vapor, but you will be glad you took the time after seeing the clouds you can make with this thing.
It heats up to an impressive 202 degrees that can really improve the clouds you produce without needing any technique to draw, unlike other devices on the market.
⦁    Vapor Quality
The device might take a minute to heat up, but the vapor quality remains uncompromised. Just like on any other Storz and Bickel device, the vapor is smooth, flavorful, and visible. Using the Plenty device not only makes for an appearance but also delivers an exceptional herb vaping experience.
The coiled straw cools down the hot vape to the optimal temperature for a full-bodied flavor profile vaping experience. This helps you set the temperature high to get large clouds but still get cool, flavorful vapor.
⦁    Temperature Control
The temperature control in the Plenty Vaporizer is not great. It has an analog thermometer that helps you tell the temperature but not set or regulate it. However, it does have an automatic shut-off after two minutes of laying dormant.
⦁    Power Issues
The unit's circuit board is prone to breakages, and if you're an unlucky customer, you might experience a few hiccups.
Looking for the thing that helps you relax and let off steam is essential to keep all your faculties working well. Kicking back on a couch and vaping with some friends as you chat about your day's experiences is a nice release. It helps you relieve stress and the pressure that builds up on a day-to-day basis.
And to enhance your vaping, Storz and Bickel have been making some of the best quality vaporizers on the market. And if you go for the Volcano or the Plenty variant, you're most likely to enjoy your vaping experience. For the Australian customers, at, we'll keep stocking the best vaporizers to make your research easier and access convenient.
So what vaporizer are you going to try out? We'd like to know. So please leave a comment in the comment section telling us your pick and why. And remember to visit our blog section to read more informative content on vaporizers.