Need help choosing the correct 'Therapeutic Cannabis Vaporizer'.....?

Congratulations on taking the first step in your journey with Medicinal Cannabis. Now that you have your script, you will need to purchase a ‘Therapeutic Cannabis Vaporizer’ (or dry herb vaporizer) through which to inhale the medicine from your Cannabis Flowers.


Do NOT smoke your cannabis Flowers. Smoking cannabis is extremely dangerous for your health, and you will destroy all the Terpenes, Cannabinoids, Flavinoids and CBD (all the medicinal compounds of the flower) in the flower if you smoke your Medicinal Cannabis Flower

Smoking Cannabis and inhaling Cannabis through a dry herb vaporizer is actually 2 very different processes and Sydney Vaporizers will take the time to talk to you and ask you questions about your personal journey, whether you smoke or not, or if you inhale through a Joint or a bong, or whether this is all completely new to you.

We pride ourselves in our expert knowledge of vaporizing, and after a short phone conversation with Marty from Sydney Vaporizers, you will then be equipped with all the knowledge around THC extraction with a vaporizer, and you will be able to ask any and every question you may have, which will help you make the correct decision when purchasing your vaporizer.

We look forward to having a chat with you, to help educate and guide you on the wonderful processes of inhalation through vaporization, and we are confident we will match you to the correct ‘Therapeutic Cannabis Vaporizer’.

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