Must-Have accessories for the Tinymight2...

Once you take the plunge and get the finances together to purchase a Tinymight2, you are probably like me and want to get some cool accessories to boost the vapour or just help you look after your unit properly. The most important accessories have to be a protective vape case, a glass water bubbler and most definitely,  a mini glass mouthpiece tip!

When spending such big amounts of money on such a small vaporizer, you will want to make sure that your vaporizer is always protected, and the Head Case from Ryot is the perfect vape case for the TM2. The head Case is a hard case with soft inner linings, which are all lined with a carbon material, which absorbs odour. So when the Head Case is zipped up, the whole thing is completely smell proof, which is an added bonus considering smells that radiate from your TM2 after use..

The next cool add on, would have to be the XXL water bubbler. This cool little bubbler replaces the glass stem. Filling the bubbler is extremely easy as you just pour down the mouthpiece. Included is a little white silicone cap. You must insert this cap into the mouthpiece when it is time to load your herb into the glass chamber section. The silicone cap will allow you to hold the bubbler on an angle to assist you in filling the chamber with herb, without spilling the water from the bubbler. When you have this little bubbler attached to your TM2. you will be able to easily take a huge hit on BEAST mode (level 10), as the water in the bubbler will cool the vapor down to a temp that is very pleasant, and full of flavor! Be careful, as the hit that the TM2 delivers on Beast mode is comparable to a bong hit, or a hit from a ball vape like the Flowerpot or Freight Train!

The last, yet very important little accessory for the TM2 is a mini glass mouthpiece tip. These beautifully designed pieces are made from a very high quality glass, and come with 2 small silicone o-rings attached to help secure the mini tip into the glass stem. This tip reduces the size of the opening that the vapor passes through before it reaches the mouth and lungs, and makes a huge difference when taking long draws on your TM2. The mini glass tip is perfectly designed for ease of use, and cleaning could not be simpler if you have 100% Isopropyl alcohol. Simply soak the tip, along with the glass stem and cooling unit in 100% Isopropyl alcohol for 1 -2 hours, then rinse under hot water.

All these accessories, vaporizer spare parts, and many more other cool must-have items are all available for purchase through