Introducing the Plenty, by Storz and Bickel

If you’ve been looking for a new dry herb vaporizer, then the Plenty vaporizer by Storz and Bickel could be just what you’re looking for! 


When it comes to dry herb vaporizers, it’s hard to look past the reputation of companies such as Storz and Bickel, and their latest dry herb vaporizer, the Plenty, is no exception. The Plenty is a plug-in dry herb vaporizer that’s handheld. It’s been designed to be the perfect ‘at home’ dry herb vaporizer.  

If you have been looking for the ultimate dry herb vaporizer, and you’re tired of charging portable vaporizers, then the Plenty could be just what you need. In the following review, we’ll take a closer look at how the Plenty works, how to get the most out of the Plenty, and some reasons why the Plenty might just be your next permanent dry herb vape.  


The Plenty Vaporizer – By Storz and Bickel 

Many people are referring to the Plenty dry herb vaporizer as a ‘portable’ version of the Volcano vaporizer. If you’re a heavy user or experienced vaper and you are looking for a new at-home vaporizer, then the Plenty is definitely worth checking out. However, while the Plenty might be semi-portable, if you want a vaporizer that you can carry around and take hits with all day, then it’s probably not for you.  

If you vape a lot or like to have a really decent session, then the Plenty is a great choice. The chamber holds a massive amount of dry herb! The Plenty is a hard-hitting vaporizer for serious enthusiasts. It packs a real punch. It doesn’t fail to disappoint.  


How Does the Plenty Vaporizer Work?  

While it may look a little intimidating, the plenty vaporizer is fairly straightforward and easy to operate. It includes a filling chamber where you place the dry herb and Cooling Coil, which sits above the heater. As you draw on the Plenty, hot air passes over your dry herb to produce rich and flavorful vapor.  

The Cooling Coil, which sits above the heater, helps to cool down the vapor before you inhale it. However, in a party situation, or if you’re running back-to-back sessions, then you have to watch as the heat can get a little bit too much. Another factor you need to consider is that the Plenty is operated via a plug-in cord, so it’s not as portable as many other vapes.  


How Do You Use the Plenty Dry Herb Vaporizer?  

To start with, you need to plug the Plenty dry herb vape into an outlet. After that, it’s time to select a temperature and pull the orange handle. Finally, make sure that you have your favorite dry herb loaded, and don’t be afraid to fill it up!  

The average heat up times for the Plenty range from about 2-3 minutes. Remember, the Plenty dry herb vaporizer isn’t a one-hit vaporizer. It’s a session vaporizer, so heat-up times probably aren’t as important as you’re not taking one hit on the move.  

As the Plenty vaporizer heats up, it glows orange and will switch off when it reaches your pre-selected temperature.  

You get a full temperature range with the Plenty dry herb vape, starting at approximately 130°C through to 202°C, which is controlled by a rotary type of dial located at the bottom of the unit. If you leave the Plenty at max temperature, you’ll be vaping at about 215°C. If dry herbs aren’t your thing and you prefer concentrates, then you can hit those too using the included mesh mad.  

You’re getting a super flavorful vaporizer that features free-flowing vapor production thanks to the zero resistance cooling coil. Storz and Bickel have been involved in the vaporizer market since the Volcano first hit the shelves way back when. They have built a solid reputation for building high-quality, reliable, and affordable vaporizers that vapers use for years and years to come.  

The Plenty is no different. It’s an investment in your vaping future that’s going to pay dividends for years to come with the premium, high-quality, flavorful vapor production. We weren’t disappointed with the Plenty, and we know that you won’t be either. 



There’s not a lot more to the Plenty dry herb vaporizer. It’s a total beast when it comes to handheld vaporizers, and we’re sure that anyone who invests in it isn’t going to be disappointed with their investment. However, it is geared more towards serious vapers and session-style vapers, so if you’re looking for something discreet or super-portable, then the Plenty probably isn’t the best choice for you. Instead, it’s a sit-down, get comfortable, and settle-in type vaporizer. 

There you go! A comprehensive and in-depth review of the Plenty dry herb vaporizer by Storz and Bickel. If you have been considering vaping dry herb instead of smoking, then the Plenty is a great dry herb vaporizer to do it with. It’s packed full of awesome features, comes at an affordable price, and is produced by one of the most respected vaping brands in the industry. 

If you have any questions about the Plenty dry herb vaporizer by Storz and Bickel, then please don’t hesitate to reach out and contact us directly. Our friendly and professional team is always happy to help assist you with any dry herb vaporizer questions. 

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