I swapped my bong for a dry herb vaporizer, and got my day back

Looking for a way to compliment my good old bong that served me many days, I quickly found a way to replace it entirely.

Call me millenial Mulga Bill. I’ve thrown away my trusty glass steed to join in on the vape craze. It was a play I’d been gaming for some time, like many other bong smokers - for economic reasons mainly, after all, we’d all heard the stories of clean burning highs that last for hours with little to no dry herb at all. That’s much easier on the wallet.

Compounding this is the ever-rising cost of tobacco for mixing. While there’s nothing wrong with pure economic motivation, hear me out as one bueg connoisseur to another - In search of a dry herb vape to smoke in between moments with my bong, I quickly found no use for a bong at all. 

In that way, I got much more than I bargained for when I traded in my bong for a dry herb vape - I got my life back. 

Here I’ll break down the effects I noticed on any given day. Naturally, your mileage may vary but one objective truth about the switch between bongs to weed vapes, is a dramatic change in your relationship with weed. Mind you, experimenting with the latest technology in weed smoking is bound to do that. 

Wake Up And Smell The Flowers

Despite being gainfully employed and a life full of demanding urgencies, upon waking up my first move was to smoke a bong. After two weeks with the Storz and Bickel Mighty Vape, this sudden craving first thing in the morning completely vanished. Sipping on my vape in between my coffee allowed me to take a beat during the morning, rather than scrambling to catch up with it. 

The hefty pinch of tobacco I added to my mix was the last reminder of a long lasting yet finally conquered cigarette smoking career. With vapes not needing tobacco, this move allowed me to rid it from my system once and for all - something I can’t recommend enough. Without it in my system, I simply found mornings much smoother. 

Though perhaps my favourite ROI for my mornings after swapping my bong for a vape was eating breakfast again, and enjoying it. I couldn’t help but notice the humble sense of achievement that comes with that. Plus, cereal is a whole new world once you have a buzz on. 

Several Hours Of Power

Not smelling like weed, not already caught in the daily nicotine cycle, once noon comes around vapes open up an entire new horizon given the desire that comes with them to get up and get things done. 

Leaving the house also no longer means leaving your high. Tools like the Pax 3 will fit right in your pocket and give you a convenient, even clandestine opportunity to smoke on the move, leaving a cloud that will wisp away in no time.   

Admittedly, without the oomph of a bong, I was hesitant that a vape simply wouldn’t give me the edge and granted, vapes may not have the famed ‘throat hit’ but they replace it with a more thorough, clean high. Whereas a bong is electron-magnetic energy, sudden, sharp and powerful, vapes are like gravitational energy: consistent, stable, and a subtle power all of its own - with a fraction of the odour. 

Throughout the day, the benefits of having tobacco in your system continue to show. Without the morning fix, you aren’t craving the follow up.  Whether it’s on account of the clean vape, or the lack of tobacco - or both, by lunch time it’s irrelevant, you’re good and ready for a healthy feed. 

The Smoking Hour 

When all is said and done, evenings are where smoking matters - once the sun’s down. Where we decide if we want to melt “inda-couch” or if we want to light the creative fire of motivation. It’s where we want to session solo, or session with others. For decades, the bong has been an obvious choice for all of these situations, but a vape offers even more. 

Group etiquette around a vape is different to that of a bong or a joint, and that’s something to get your head around, but being clean, polite and these days come with a negative RAT test, a whether it’s a Arizer Solo2 or a Storz and Bickel Volcano, vapes are a crowd pleaser, while also getting the job done for lone adventures. 

Without microdosing tobacco throughout the day, by the evening I had no cravings for it at all, the chill high had kept them at bay. 

A bong might kick you to sleep, but the vape will lull you and keep you there. This ended a bong-smoking habit of late night cones, essentially smoking just to fall straight back to sleep. As a result, I had better quality of sleep, also helped by the peace of mind I had made a decent economic decision. 

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