Hand herb grinders versus electric herb grinders...

Hand Herb Grinders Versus Electric Herb Grinders

Whether you prefer to roll your cannabis in a blunt or pack it in a pipe or bong, an herb grinder will ensure that your product consists of similar-sized pieces so that you achieve a smooth, consistent burn. 

Weed grinders are available in handheld and electric varieties. Here’s what you need to know about your options so you can choose the best bud grinder for your needs.

Handheld Herb Grinders

Like the name suggests, a handheld herb grinder requires you to act as its power source. Some people feel like it's satisfying to operate a handheld grinder, while others find the process cumbersome, but efficient. 

Benefits of a Handheld Weed Grinder

One of the top benefits of opting for a handheld bud grinder is that you don’t have to worry about charging it, locating fresh batteries, or finding an electrical outlet. If you have hands with a little strength and dexterity, you can operate the grinder.

The simplicity of a handheld grinder means that you can use it anywhere, making it an excellent option when you’re not likely to have access to electricity. Take it to the beach, mountains, on a camping trip, a concert, or anywhere you need the ability to quickly and conveniently grind your cannabis. 

Disadvantages of a Handheld Grinder

A drawback to using a handheld model is that you need to have a certain amount of manual dexterity to operate the grinder. If your hands are weak or if you don’t have a strong grip, you may struggle to grind your cannabis.

When you need to grind a large amount of weed, a handheld grinder isn’t the most comfortable alternative, especially if you have one person providing all the manual labour to operate it. 

Electric Herb Grinders

An electric weed grinder requires some type of power source to be operational. Some models must be plugged into an outlet to work, but other models run on batteries or allow you to recharge the unit as needed. 

Benefits of an Electric Weed Grinder

Electric weed grinders are popular with individuals who lack the dexterity and manual strength to operate a handheld model. Or, if you need to quickly grind a large amount of cannabis, the job is easier and less labour intensive with an electric grinder.

Some claim that an electric grinder provides a more uniform product, but this is debatable. Fans of handheld grinders claim that a quality grinder is just as effective at evenly grinding cannabis. 

Disadvantages of an Electric Herb Grinder

The largest drawback of an electric grinder is that you must have a power source to operate the unit (and the necessary power source depends on the specific grinder). 

You’ll either need to have an outlet nearby, have access to a charging block or electric charger, or keep extra batteries with you. This requires you to plan ahead to ensure you’re able to power your grinder. 

Electric grinders also tend to be pricier than the manual models. 

Choosing Your Mull Grinder

Whether you decide to buy an electric herb grinder or handheld grinder, you need a model that fits your cannabis needs. Grinders often come in wood, plastic, and metal. 

Metal grinders are more expensive than other options, but offers a sleek look and high durability, while plastic is a cheaper alternative but may break easier.

There are also different sizes available. A small grinder is easy to throw in your pocket or purse, but requires more time and work to grind a nug. Larger grinders grind more cannabis at one time but need more storage space. 

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