Grinders vs Scissors

Grinders vs Scissors:

There are some basic items you need to have in your arsenal if you are a weed fan. However, one of the biggest debates between weed enthusiasts is whether you should use a herb or weed grinder or a scissor for prepping your weed. There are pros and cons to both methods. However, it would be best if you properly did your research before you conclude which method you desire to opt for.

This article will look at the benefits and shortcomings of both these methods for prepping your weed. Making your work as a weed enthusiast much easier.

The pros of using a herb or weed Grinder:

There are many pros of using a herb or weed Grinder to prep your dry herb and weed. Some of the pros of using this method include:

- Your fingers don’t get sticky and stay clean. Even some marijuana fans hate smelling like weed. Furthermore, sticky hands can create issues while rolling or using a vape. For this reason, many customers prefer to keep their hands clean and use a herb or weed grinder for their weed.

- The method chops your weed or herb much finer. A fine and consistent blend is exactly what your vaporizer needs to give you the optimal flavour from your vapour. This factor is due to the release of more cannabinoids which create a better high. Some customers hate the chunks when trying to pack your dry herb vaporizer chamber, which can occur when you are using scissors.

- It is easier and faster. Using scissors requires practice and effort, while using a herb or weed grinder does not require this type of precision.

The cons of using a herb or weed Grinder:

Some of the drawbacks of using a herb or weed grinder to chop your weed before packing into the chamber of your dry herb vaporizer are:

- Grinders are usually operated by hand, and they can cause stress on your wrist.

- Grinders tend to use more weed during the chopping process than scissors. This factor arises due to the chunky nature that comes with using scissors. Due to the chunks, users tend to roll less weed into one joint.

- Disturbance in the trichomes of the weed can occur, which will result in the potent parts of your buds being discarded or lose their potency.

The pros of using scissors:

Scissors are an amazing alternative to using grinders. Some of the major pros include:

- The texture of weed chopped with a scissor is much better. It is not too chunky, nor has it been ground to a fine powder.

- This method allows the trichomes in the weed to stay undisturbed for longer, and the potency of your bud remains intact.

- You go through less weed, and your herbs last for longer. Many customers prefer the chunkiness of weed that has been chopped with scissors because it provides a better experience and uses less weed.

The cons of using scissors:

Some of the obvious drawbacks of using scissors to chop your weed buds include:

- The method requires practice as well as an understanding of the buds.

- The method takes more time than using a herb or weed grinder. You have to devote time and effort to chopping weed with scissors to achieve the best and consistent result.


Both of the methods have their pros and cons. Even though herb or weed grinders are much simpler and easier to use, they can disturb the trichomes and use more weed. However, using scissors can dirty your hands as well as create a chunkiness in your vaporizer.  In the end, it depends upon the requirements and preferences of the user. Furthermore, availability is a major part to play as well. However, herb and weed grinders are the superior method and much more friendly for new users and beginners as well.