Comparing the Mighty to the Mighty Plus...

So the OG Mighty from Storz and Bickel first hit the market around 8 or 9 years ago, and since its release, it has been the absolute king when it comes to portable dry herb vaporizers. Then Storz and Bickel really threw a spanner in the works by releasing the Mighty Plus in 2022, and we have had a fair bit of time now to be able to compare the 2 units and give you our overall rating of both models.

Firstly, the OG Mighty. This device was my daily driver when it came to portable dry herb vaporizers, every day for almost 5 years straight. I used this thing at least 6 times per day but sometimes double that, every day for almost 5 years and it has served me very well. At first I was a bit put off by the price tag, but after using it for a month, I was convinced that it was probably one of the best investments I've ever made regarding my health!

The OG mighty vape comes with a 240v wall socket charger in the box, along with a filling aid, a grinder and a bunch of spare parts. The filling aid in my opinion is probably one of the most genius devices created by the team at Storz and Bickel as it allows you to perfectly pack the chamber every time, without any spilling or mess. I can load my Mighty with a filling aid, one handed and blindfolded now, packing perfectly every single time.

If you don't have a filling aid, then a plastic filling funnel from Sydney Vaporizers also works very well, to prevent you from making a mess when loading your Mighty.

The OG Mighty bape takes approx 3 hours to charge if it is completely dead flat, however, it does have ‘pass through’ charging which allows you to use the Mighty whilst plugged into the wall charger. So even if your Mighty is dead flat, you can still use it if you have your power adapter with you.

From a full charge you can expect your batteries to last at least 100 mins whilst running at full power, and over the 5 years I used this device, I don't think it ever went flat on me, I always plugged it in overnight to charge and in the morning I was ready to go for the day.

The updated Mighty Plus vape has 3 major differences to the OG Mighty, but the overall size, shape and weight are exactly the same. Both devices fit easily yet snugly into the vape case called the Piper from Ryot.

In the Mighty Plus, the first big change is the charging port. On the Mighty Plus, Storz and Bickel have put in a USB-C charging port, and there is no charger included in the box. In the box is a USB-C lead. Storz and Bickel did make a supercharger for the Mighty Plus, however it is not included in the box, but sold separately for $44.95. If you do have the supercharger, your Mighty Plus will charge from dead flat to fully charged in 1 hour, with 80% of the batteries charged in the first 40 mins! Also, pass-through charging is an option only with the Supercharger from Storz and Bickel. 

The second big difference between the 2 models is the heat up time, or basically how long it takes for your Mighty to get up to the desired temperature to vaporize. On the OG mighty, it takes approx 2 to 3 mins from cold to get to temperature. However on the Mighty Plus, it only takes 1 minute to heat up to the desired temperature from cold.

The 3rd noticeable difference is the chamber walls. On the OG Mighty, the chamber walls where you put your herb, are coated with an aluminium coating on the walls, whereas on the Mighty Plus, the chamber walls have a ceramic coating. The reason for this is that the thick sticky THC residue sticks and builds up on the aluminium walls a bit easier than on the Ceramic walls.

Now overall, I love both models, and I cannot fault either models, however, both have pros and cons.

The OG mighty’s 2 batteries from a full charge get at least 100 mins of running at the max temperature, and I never had them go flat on me.

The Mighty Plus’s  battery life is somewhat sacrificed a  bit because the Mighty Plus heats up much faster, and has the ability to charge up much faster, so Ive found that from a full charge, the Mighty Plus will prob last just under one hour of running at the maximum temperature. Which is not a problem if you have a USB supercharger from Storz and Bickel which can get you back up and running in a short time,but it is annoying that they did not include this in the box.

The OG Mighty also includes the filling aid, and a small plastic grinder, which is not included in the Mighty Plus.

However, the updated USB-C charging port on the Mighty Plus does make it very convenient as so many other electrical devices today have USB-C charging.

The overall vapour quality in my opinion is identical between the two units, so If you are price limited, then the OG Mighty is the better option as it has more inclusions for a lesser price.

However if you are dead set on USB-C charging or you must have your unit heat up fast, and you are not so concerned about the price tag, then the Mighty Plus, along with the USB-C Supercharger (sold separately) is the unit to go for.

Either option you decide on, if you buy one of these devices you can be guaranteed that you will have consistently great vapour year after year after year!

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