Choosing Sydney Vaporizers to be your Wholesale partner..

So you have heard about the new laws, restricting the sale of ‘Therapeutic Cannabis Vaporizers’ or Dry Herb Vaporizers, to Pharmacy settings only; in 2024, and you want your pharmacy to be prepared for the inevitable influx of demand for Dry herb vaporizers, Therapeutic Cannabis Vaporizers, and accessories when the law comes into full effect.

However, it is now more complicated than ever to import these wonderful devices into Australia, and all the manufacturers are located overseas.

Sydney Vaporizers is one of Australia’s very first businesses to have obtained a License from the ODC to import ‘Therapeutic Cannabis Vaporizers’, and also gain the relevant item numbers from the TGA for the different vaporizers that we currently import and distribute.

Owner and founder, Martin, is a very passionate medicinal cannabis patient, and advocate. Martin was diagnosed with a squamous cell carcinoma in 2018 on the tongue and was forced to quit smoking and drinking alcohol.After using many different brands of vaporizers, and countless hours of research, Martin has become a highly respected expert in the field of vaporization. 

Sydney Vaporizers has spent the past few years selling directly to patients, and to pharmacies also. But with new laws restricting the sale of ‘Therapeutic Cannabis Vaporizers’ to pharmacy settings only in 2024, now is your optimal time to start stocking a small or large range of ‘Therapeutic cannabis vaporizers’ before the massive demand on pharmacies when the new laws take effect.

Sydney Vaporizers has buying power with many major brands, meaning items will be in stock and available from Caringbah, Sydney allowing your pharmacy to purchase a small or large quantity with very generous margins at play for your pharmacy, without having a large initial outlay. Stocking up now and getting your pharmacy name out there as a stockist of very quality dry herb vaporizers, along with the training and education provided by Sydney Vaporizers, will ensure your pharmacy will be well equipped to deal with the massive influx of patients that will be knocking on pharmacies doors on July Ist 2024 in search of dry herb vaporizers, ‘Therapeutic cannabis vaporizers’ and accessories

Please feel free to get in touch with Sydney Vaporizers today to discuss your first step in our future journey together.

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