Already Vaped Herbs - (AVH)

Already Vaped Herbs (AVH)

If you own a dry herb vaporizer, chances are you are among the very many users who have just been trashing your Already Vaped Herbs (AVH), and putting it straight into the bin. This is a rookie error, and I will explain why.

THC is the chemical in our herbs which gives the user the ‘High’ psychoactive feeling. However, THC in its original form does not have the psychoactive properties until the correct amount of heat is applied for the correct amount of time. In other words, if you were to eat some buds, it would have no effect on you. Heat needs to be applied in order to give you the ‘High’ feeling.

Once heat is applied to herbs, a chemical reaction takes place, giving the THC its psychoactive properties. This process is called Decarboxylation.  This process occurs naturally in a dry herb Vaporizer as your herbs are heated up to the precise temperature needed for decarboxylation to occur.

So as you have probably figured out by now, you can vape on your herbs again and again, and keep vaping until you think you have finished all the vapour in your herbs. But the beauty of Dry herb Vaporizers is that you should not throw away your AVH when finished vaping, as they still contain quite a significant amount of THC which has now been decarboxylated.You can now ingest the AVH any way you like to give you another happy high.

But please be careful, as vaping and ingesting have a different effect on the user, and if you are not used to ingesting, you may be in for a surprise (you might get flattened!)

Again, AVH goes to show you another wonderful reason to ditch the harmful effects of smoking, and embrace the science behind dry herb vaporizers, and all the benefits associated with them.

So do not delay, grab yourself a dry herb vaporizer today, and start to experience all the benefits of vaping, including but not limited to Already Vaped Herbs!