All the benefits of your Firefly2+ dry herb vaporizer...

Introducing the Firefly 2 Plus dry herb vaporizer

When it comes to those who love the plant, the Firefly 2 Plus has rapidly grown in popularity recently, and for good reason. It’s an upgrade on the original Firefly 2, and has been touted as one of the best on the market.

This dry herb vaporizer is designed to deliver the best vapor experience in the world, through dynamic convection technology. It’s more than a vaporizer – it’s a unique experience that delivers phenomenal flavour and zero waste.

What makes the Firefly 2 Plus unique?

There are a number of features that make this vaporizer one of the best on the market. Here are a few of them.

The taste

If you’ve heard of the Firefly 2 Plus before, chances are the messaging will be built around the exceptional taste that it delivers. That narrative is completely true. Whether it is concentrates or herbs, the gently, dynamic convention heat and absolutely pure air path ensures the delivery of an incredibly high-quality taste. We often hear about how it brings out flavours that have never shown up in conduction vaporizers.

It delivers this high-quality taste within seconds, which you’ll read more about below.

Quick on the draw!

With the Firefly 2 Plus, you can draw within 3 seconds of switching it on. The design makes sure that you’ll have fresh flavour whenever you are ready. We’ve tested it, and the claims are all true.

Your material is only heated when you draw, so it is kept as fresh as possible.

You can control your dose

As the Firefly 2 Plus vaporizer cools as quickly as it heats up, each draw is its own session. This means you can control each dose, one breath at a time.

It has dynamic convention

Believe it or not, the Firefly 2 Plus is the only vaporizer on the market that heats up dynamically. It does this across a wide range of temperatures, with each and every inhalation. With each draw, the temperature rises up to the maximum that you set.

It comes with an app

With the Firefly 2 Plus app, you can set your temperature limitations and it features a variety of tutorials to help you get the most out of the vaporizer. 

It’s simple to clean and load

Loading and cleaning the Firefly 2 Plus is a breeze, thanks for the easy access magnetic lid and the smooth surface of the glass vapor path.

It’s classy!

Firefly has always designed vaporizers that have a classy elegance to them. They have once again achieved this with the Firefly 2 Plus. The gentle curves and smooth lines make it one of the best-looking vaporizers on the market. Not only is it classy, but it also fits in your pocket.

The vape that takes!

As the inhalation lasts for over 10 seconds, the vape has enough time to land on your lungs inner tissues. From here, they are then absorbed into the bloodstream. This design ensures you don’t waste any of the vapor.

Total control

With the Firefly 2 Plus, you’ll have total control. Through the desktop and Android apps, you can set your temperature between  200°F and 500°F. Did you know that this is the widest range available in any portable vaporizer on the market?

It comes with a warranty

The Firefly 2 Plus comes with a warranty to give you peace of mind that if something happens, it’s covered. They will cover any defect or workmanship issues for two years. 

Some of the cons

As with all of our products, it’s important to highlight some of the cons of the Firefly 2 Plus. 

As per the original, it still has a tight draw

One of the complaints of the original Firefly 2 vaporizer was that it had a very restricted airflow, which meant that you really had to work for it. Many compared it to getting that very first sip of a thick milkshake through a straw. That said, Firefly have claimed to have improved this airflow by 33%. Having tested both, we can certainly say that it is improved when compared to the original, but there is still a bit of room for further improvement.

The occasional stir

With the Firefly 2 Plus, you’ll need to stir the herbs once or twice during each session to get the most out of it. This is because of the convection heating design. While this doesn’t bother some, others may find it a bit too much work. For us, we actually enjoyed the process of stirring at least once to maximise the experience. It’s entirely up to you as to how many times you’d like to stir.

It has a simple, but awkward interface

It features one light and two touch-sensitive buttons, which means there is a bit of a learning curve when it comes to using it. You simply have to touch both buttons at the same time to start the 3-second warm-up process. Some have found this a bit awkward, but we got used to it in no time.

So, what’s in the box?

In the Firefly 2 Plus box you’ll get the following:

  • The Firefly vaporizer
  • A concentrate pad made of stainless steel
  • A charging dock
  • A 3.0 USB cable
  • The battery (rechargeable)
  • three alcohol wipes
  • A user guide to help you along.


Our take

Is this the best vape on the market? Some enthusiasts are of the opinion that it is.

The Firefly 2 Plus, in our opinion, is most certainly a connoisseur’s vape. The taste is exceptional, the design sleek, and the overall experience a great one. The price point is also below most other top-shelf vaporizers. 

While the restricted airflow is a slight issue, it’s still vastly improved on previous versions.Don’t take our word for it though, you’ll have to try it for yourself to see, Take a look at the Firefly 2 Plus here. You can also browse through our other vape products, or you can give us a ring on 1 300 028 225.