Storz and Bickel Mighty and Crafty plus are some of the best vaporizers with impeccable credentials and background tech. Both products offer convection-forward heating, efficient cooling, and clear flavors, all the things that make them special. They're a little bigger than you may be used to, and they require a bit of time to heat up, but the benefits are worth the wait.

Crafty plus dried herb vaporizer is amazingly portable, and you can take it with you wherever you go. On the other hand, the Mighty is a little too mighty for your regular pocket, but it has a long-lasting battery, a faster heat-up time with onboard controls. So, if you want to find out your new favorite device, keep reading!


Vaping experience is one of the most sought-after features of a vaporizer. The Mighty and Crafty are enhanced by vapor quality and a calm and quiet, open airflow. This begins with plenty of air warming for clean, present tastes and gradually gets warmer, eventually adding conduction heating for complete, deeper extraction. It is fast, flavorful, and fulfilling, and the Mighty and Crafty provide a nearly comparable vaping experience.

 The cooling units on both devices have a similar design with identical mouthpieces, but the slightly larger top of the Mighty provides better cooling. Everyone probably only notices the difference if they compare them beside each other or across a few workouts at higher temperatures.

The size difference between the Crafty plus and the Mighty is the most noticeable. The Mighty vape is 14cm tall, 8cm wide, and 3cm deep, while the Crafty plus is almost 3cms shorter in width and height. It also weighs a little more than 145g, compared to the Mighty's 230g.

Due to its large size, Mighty is hard to carry around as it won't fit on your standard pocket. There is no hiding or discreet vaping in the case of Mighty. It's simple to put in a bag or a purse, but taking it out in public is likely to attract attention. If users are always on the travel, the Crafty plus fits comfortably into pockets and hides in hand while using. When it comes to portability, then Crafty definitely takes away the points.

The Mighty's dual batteries provide almost twice the vaporizing time of the Crafty plus. The Mighty can last eight to ten hours on a single charge, while the Crafty plus will last about half of that. Finding a spot to refuel the Crafty is a lot easier than Mighty. The Crafty plus vaporizer uses a USB cable/charger with a micro-USB cable, which is more convenient. It's also accessible with external battery packs, which helps to overcome the short battery life. The Mighty has a 110 volt DC connection, so it needs to use the provided power converter or something similar to charge it. However, it charges faster than the Crafty plus.

The Mighty and Crafty each have a few similarities and differences that make it hard for us to choose among them. The Mighty, which costs $439, has a long-lasting battery and controls and is only $70 more expensive than the Crafty plus, which costs $375. The Mighty is loved by the Galaxy of the Vapes users, but the Crafty plus vaporizer is far more pocketable than mighty, so it's the right pick for someone who frequently goes out.