A new frontier for CBD-based therapeutic

From dry herb vaporizers straight from a James Bond film to damn near-senitent weed grinders, to accessible and reliable pain relief, CBD and THC-focused products are finally catching up with modern times. 

In fact, you’d be hard pressed to find an industry that hasn’t been impacted by the recent boon in cannabis research and development. From manufacturing to medication, the world is enjoying a collective eureka moment, and not unlike the very first eureka moment, there’s implications abound for all, with needs and wants being met like never before. 

These needs aren’t always met with complex vape mechanisms like we see from Storz and Bickel, but also through therapeutic goods just like the ones carefully created by the Australian based Weedzy

Offering CBD-based solutions to an array of problems from dull subtle aches to nerve singing chronic pain, Weedzy is placed high atop the new wave of cannabis research - much to the relief of many. 

We spoke to Weedzy founder Louise Caruso to learn more about the space. 

Tell us the origin story of Weedzy - how did you find your way into the space of CBD?

It was very unintentional back then, but I was working for a media agency that was exclusively marketing and advertising hemp and cannabis. My role was the marketing and editorial coordinator. I was studying journalism at the time and decided to switch to a natural health degree instead. I met a lot of doctors, nurses, scientists, farmers and business owners that had invested themselves into medical cannabis and sustainable hemp. It inspired me a lot, so once I gained the knowledge, I started to create my own products for myself and a few others. Before I knew it the word got out and I decided to invest in myself and create Weedzy. I was working in live music and hospitality at the time so it really was just a hobby until it became a full blown business.

Talk us through the range of products that Weedzy creates?

I like to have a point of difference with my products. I like to assure there are other medicinal or innovative aspects to each product I create. The oil itself is locally sourced (which was a must for me) from an organic biodynamic regenerative hemp farm. 

The pain relief topical cream was a product I developed for my own problems. I was longing for instantaneous pain relief and for quite some time I would take CBD oil which still takes a bit to work (although quicker than most pain killers) but the cream offers that extra goodness of being low intervention and fast acting. Ughh sweet relief! Easily my favourite product I’ve invented. 

Now the personal lubricant was inspired by the fact there aren't any water-based lubricants that are glycerine free, for those who don’t know about glycerin, it can cause a lot of issues for those who are sensitive down there. Most hemp/cbd lubes are oil based which is also really bad for sensitive people.. Also they aren’t condom compatible!!! Yikes. So I went ahead and created a water-based, CBD infused, glycerin free lubricant that tastes like candy and is condom & silicone toy compatible. 

Which is your personal favourite product, and why?

Definitely my pain relief cream! It’s potent with other herbs like marshmallow root and arnica which helps with increasing blood flow. It smells like peppermint with a touch of lavender and you can use it for so much! When I have a headache I can rub a tiny bit on my temples and even a bit under my nose because it smells so good and is quite uplifting. I love the way it tingles on my skin and that it works almost immediately after applying. Heaven in a jar!

What sort of traditional remedies does Weedzy products replace? 

The ingestible CBD oil replaces everyday ibuprofen and other over the counter painkillers. So it can be used for headaches, pain and menstrual pain. 

The pain relief topical cream can be used as a muscle rub and for sore joints, arthritis, bruises and acts as an anti-inflammatory. It would replace things like tiger balm, arnica cream, voltaren, painkillers and other topical pain relief creams. 

The lubricant is an alternative to literally every other lubricant out there, especially those that do more harm than good! 

What are some of the most common questions or concerns people have when looking to purchase CBD-based therapeutic products, and how do you alleviate them?

“Will it make me high and can it show up in a drug test?” - No it certainly doesn’t. Cannabinoid (CBD) is the acting chemical component with all the benefits. Whereas tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is the psychoactive component that makes you high. There is only CBD in our products - not THC.

Another thing is that people are worried about purchasing online, privacy and discreet packaging. We don’t have any branding on our packages when we send orders out, it is very discreet. Everything is private and confidential and it is perfectly legal to purchase it online and have it posted out to you. 

For the uninitiated, how can they tell the difference between an effective, reputable CBD-based therapeutic product, and a placebo?

I guess the simple answer is making sure you know how much CBD is in the bottle you’re purchasing. Ask questions about the business you’re buying it from and read reviews! Never get it from the black market or anything that seems dodgy. 

If there isn’t a person there to answer your questions then it probably isn’t going to be very good. Talk to your doctor about how to obtain some, or anyone that you may know that uses CBD products. 

Much like Vaporizers, CBD-based products have experienced a huge increase in demand. What are some of the recent developments in your space that have led to this?

This is just the beginning. People are learning more about what things CBD can be used for and I always have demands for new things. I have some ideas in the works, but it gets a little hard to know what direction to go in. There’s a lot of niche products over in the USA and Europe - so it can be overwhelming. 

I couldn’t tell you about recent developments other than that people are more and more curious, particularly those who have exhausted most options for mental and physical health. At one point I was being asked by local businesses to stock my products, but COVID-19 lockdowns stopped this from flourishing. I’m sure many other businesses feel the same

What excites you the most about the future of CBD-based therapeutic products? 

What excites me the most is the de-stigmatisation around cannabis in general. CBD-based products should be easily accessible and the more available it becomes, the more exciting for us all. I would love to walk into a dispensary and be able to purchase products like mine, making it a whole other experience where you can seek face-to-face advice and have first hand knowledge and users sharing their own experiences and journey to CBD. 

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